Zonal Bed Forming Machinery

Hodge Industries provides a complete range of conventional and zonal
land preparation machinery to create soil tilth for the planting of sugar cane.

Zonal Bed Forming Machinery

Machines prepare the soil in the zonal stripe where cane grows. It leaves uncultivated firm wheel track zones, allowing entry into the field earlier after a rain event.

Bed Renovator

  • Cultivates, rips & creates a bed with one pass
  • Handles trash & stool for plough out of ratoons
  • Single and three-row models

Bed Renovator - 1 Row

Bed Renovator - 3 Row

Bed Rippers

  • Rips cane growing zone and shapes interrow space
  • Single, two & three row models
  • Multiple configurations

Bed Rip Machine - 2 Row

Vertical Tillage - 2 Row

Vertical Tillage - 3 & 1 Row

Bed Ripper - 3 Row

Bent Leg Ripper - 1 Row

Wavy Disc Cultivator

  • Cultivates soil after bed ripping to create a finer tilth in lumpy soil types
  • Single & three row models with straight or folding frames
  • Various disc configurations

Bed Shaper

  • Sled type full form bed former to create even bed shape
  • Two & three row models