Sugar Cane Machinery

Hodge Industries manufactures the largest range of sugar cane implements in Australia, with over 40 different types of equipment. For more than 100 years, Hodge has produced the machinery required to take a sugar cane crop from land preparation to harvest.

Hodge Industries has a complete range of conventional and zonal land preparation machinery to create soil tilth for the planting of sugar cane.

Hodge Industries has a complete range of Billet and Whole Stick sugar cane planters utilising conventional furrows and disc opener delivery systems.

Hodge Industries offers a wide range of mechanical weeding machines. Utilise our multicultivator, multiweeder, coil tyne grubber and cutaway unit.

Hodge Industries provides equipment to apply granular fertiliser and liquid insecticide under the soil through the trash blanket in various positions.

Hodge Industries has a range of machinery to cultivate ratoon crops. Choose from cane commanders, stool cleaning rakes and ripper coulters.

Hodge Industries offers tractor mounted harvesting aids to assist cutting of cane for planting and mill cane.

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