Billet Planter In-Cab Auto Control System​

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Billet Planter In-Cab Auto Control System

This 12 Volt system allows complete planter control from the cab of a tractor fitted the GPS controlled steering. The kit includes: LCD control screen with software, joystick for steering, laser depth sensor for billet transfer control, RPM speed control of the feed chain, 4 cameras with a display screen, and mounting brackets.

The laser depth sensor controls the feed of billets from the rear bin storage section up to the feed chain sorting well. This automates a major manual function of previous versions of this system.

A Joystick controls the planter bin steering with left & right movement. It automatically brings the wheels straight when the joystick springs back to centre. The joystick also has the planter start buttons for ease of use. When moved forward the joystick engages the rear bin floor chain to manually move billets forward to the feed chain.

The LCD screen holds the programs & allows easy change of the feed chain RPM speed thus altering quantity of billets delivered per hectare. The screen has buttons to change all functions from automatic to manual control, if required.

A 7” display screen with 4 cameras allow full view of the planter function including reversing camera. The screen layout can be altered to suit the operator.